You had me at MERLOT

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LULU6960For the last 6 years we have had the pleasure of working with our clients in creating the annual SMS Equipment wine auction in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters Wood Buffalo.  For the 6th annual event, finding unique ways to create a warm, inviting event space that was budget friendly was key.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have sponsors who have created some items on behalf of the event that otherwise would have been out of reach of the event budget.  We started by pulling out all of these pieces and determining what additions could be added to give the event the unique style it has become known for.


LULU7184Anyone who has attended events we have been involved with over the years knows that our team has a penchant for turning discarded items into something beautiful for our events, and this year was no different.

We found inspiration in natural wood toned pallets that we used as ‘accent walls’ at the event to showcase sponsor signs and use as a backdrop for the live auction.  The pallets, which were donated to the event, had a natural, worn patina to them that we just loved for creating a warm, unique atmosphere for the wine auction.  We stacked them two high in most cases which created a unique architectural element in the room.


LULU6975To further our Merlot colour palette, we also sourced an unusual pub table substitution for the event – oil drums.  The donated drums were carefully cleaned in advance of the event and were perfect for the casual feeling of the decor.  To top them off, we added donated glass rounds that were backed with a vinyl legend to further the branding of the event and make them a one of a kind touch in the room.

LULU6864Finishing the look were a spectrum of red floral arrangements designed by Caribou Flowers, the perfect elegant touch to give the ‘pub tables’ a sense of occasion.



To dress up ordinary pipe and drape we created a one of a kind wood trim that really transformed LULU6911 croppedLULU6904the room into feeling like a winery and also ran wood on the uprights of the pipe and drape in our ‘wine pavilion’ which felt like a stand alone structure in the room for the bar and food areas.



To carry forward the LULU7054LULU6869concept throughout the auction tables, they were dressed with raffia, used corks and old wine boxes we have collected throughout the years to give it a special old world feel for guests to enjoy as they placed their bids throughout the evening.

Another custom touch in the room were the custom luminaries we designed in three sizes to not only recognize sponsors, but also brand the benefiting organization while keeping the room aglow under candlelight.


Even the stage and sponsor sign was created out of re-purposed materials to carry forward the event design.
Even the stage and sponsor sign was created out of re-purposed materials to carry forward the event design.


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