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IMG_0457Inspired by the incredible work the Wood Buffalo Food Bank does in our region, we wanted to bring them and their clients a little holiday cheer this year.  As 2015 was the inaugural year of their CANstruction events, we started with a theme for our holiday tree of ‘We CAN feed Wood Buffalo’.

IMG_0458We challenged ourselves to create holiday ornaments out of recycled food item containers that would be cleaned, re-purposed and transformed into unique decorations that would still evoke the feel of the holidays but be one of a kind art inspired pieces.  The colour palette was based on the WB Food Bank’s logo of white, green and black and our team set about collecting cans and other food containers with those colours to see how we could transform them into ornaments.

Recycled milk containers were used to create a soft white texture to the tree and were folded into traditional holiday stars or cut into strips to make braided stars. We also punched them into circles and affixed them to ornaments to create an almost pine cone like feel.  The same process was used on dozens and dozens of can after their tops and bottoms were removed to create a flat sheet of metal.  We punched the metal into multiple sizes of circles cut to create a custom look for the tree before each circle was affixed in layers.  The delicate process took hours for each ball ornament, but was well worth the effort once they were displayed together.

IMG_0463IMG_0474IMG_0469To add texture and energy to the tree, green, white and clear plastics were cut on the bias to form colourful sprays that dangled on the tree giving it a traditional ‘ribbon’ look after being dressed with some sparkle to catch the light.  To finish the design story, we created a tree skirt out of recycled shopping bags, anchoring the tree design with the black bags.

So if you are feeling in the holiday spirit, stop into the Wood Buffalo Food Bank with some items from their wishlist this year because #WeCANfeedWoodBuffalo!

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