Upscale picnic for corporate gathering

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PHOTO: Crystal Stringer
PHOTO: Crystal Stringer

Fall in Wood Buffalo can be chilly, but there are also those perfect fall days where the sun is shining and the temperature is just right for a lightweight jacket – ideal for taking advantage of the last outdoorsy days we have before the snow starts to fall.

For a mid-September corporate gathering, we used their corporate colours and interpreted them into a friendly, family-style modern picnic setting where coworkers, community members and stakeholders could comfortably gather and network over an upscale BBQ lunch.

Gingham is a great pattern fabric often associated with a traditional picnic.  Today, gingham comes in all sorts of colours, great for casual summer weddings as well as company gatherings where a more casual atmosphere is desired.

Pairing this gorgeous black and white gingham with a sharp hit of citrus and some elegant organic linen touches kept the look clean and appropriate for a corporate setting without sacrificing style.  The modern bouchier001

PHOTO: Crystal Stringer

colour palette was a play on the client’s logo with centerpieces being small enough to leave plenty of room at the table for plated lunches.

Natural colour drapery and runners were used to disguise unsightly tent supports in the space and add some interest to the white walls of the tent without interfering with guest movement to and from the lunch and activity areas.

Overhead, paper lanterns in black and browns carried forward the colour story without creating too many fussy details overhead.  Patterned paper straws on the table were practical but also offered an additional contrasting pattern to the gingham.

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