Tree-mendous copper holiday design

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The client's logo was brought to life in their custom holiday decor this year | Events with Vizability
The client’s logo was brought to life in their custom holiday decor this year | Events with Vizability

Copper is an often overlooked seasonal metallic accent but can be a superstar addition when it comes to holiday decor.  For one of our annual holiday designs for a local corporation, they wanted to bring their company logo to life as holiday decor to brand their corporate holiday celebration for their guests.
IMG_0558IMG_0566The client’s logo had a lot of natural inspired elements in its graphics in blue and brown tones.  We based our holiday design on alternating linens of rich teal and crushed bark taffeta which added a luminous glow to the tabletops as it caught the event lighting.

To bring the logo to life at a holiday party, we chose a centrepiece of copper glitter holiday trees as the anchor.  The trees were also a giveaway to a lucky guest at every table.  Warm and soft copper works well with neutral colours and all warm and cool room colours. The metallic quality of copper has an inherently modern edge that is ideal for a corporate holiday celebration.

Wooden canoes were placed around the trees in the centre of the table with the company logo on the side of the IMG_0583IMG_0584IMG_0560realistic canoes which even included oars.  To complete the holiday setting a table scatter of teal and copper ornaments were placed amongst the trees.

Event programs were designed in the event colours and accented with individual feathers that had a small swath of teal to tie them to the event design.

Custom holiday trees were dressed in rich teal ribbon and deco mesh, accented with wooden canoes to further the company branding at the event.

Copper trees were also used to tie in the reception space with the overall event design and to create a warm welcome for guests.

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