Organic Modern – bringing nature into modern design

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IMG_2432While it may seem counter intuitive, bringing natural inspired elements into a modern space can yield a stunning result. A careful blend between modern and organic amplifies graceful curves, classic palettes, contemporary patterns, and strong lines to create a wonderful and unique fusion.

At a client’s recent grand opening we wanted to highlight the pattern rich natural tones already existing in their commercial space while adding a few details to carry forward the organic touches they wished to add to their celebration.   Tall curly willow branches were added to a modern geometric vase with fresh florals and crystal touches to create a unique entrance touch and set the tone for the evening ahead.  Blue uplighting was added to tie into existing architectural details and artwork.


We used their existing furniture to build an entrance vignette that was warm and welcoming while maintaining the modern lines and sensibilities of the lobby area.

To mirror the quatrefoil pattern on the chair backs, we added a wrap to modern silver vases in the same pattern, bringing in the blue accents and lighting being used throughout the design.

Throughout the main floor space, pub tables were draped in black tafetta linens with coordinating vases from the entrance design, this time paired with LED lit mercury votives to continue the soft blue uplighting throughout the space.



Along the bar height dividing wall we continued the modern organic feel with gorgeous crustacean vases lit with blue LED lights to cast a natural pattern along the top of the wall without obstructing the sightlines for guests.

In an adjoining space used for catering, we added larger florals in organic stump vases to carry through the blue accents of the design.

The combination of the natural elements and existing modern design created an interconnection that elevated both elements while still feeling warm and welcoming for the event guests.

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