Never underestimate the power of planning…Design and decor is what many people think that event management entails but it is much more than that. Great event design helps to support and build the overall atmosphere for the guests and stakeholders.

What is so exciting for us, but often daunting for our clients, is pulling together all of the event elements much like a large jigsaw puzzle. We ensure the floorplan has a natural and comfortable traffic flow for our guests while considering elements such as space, lighting, decor and acoustics which must all work in tandem with the caterers and entertainment. We layer each piece of the puzzle into a decor story to carry forward the vision for the evening and create a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory event experience for guests and stakeholders.

We always start with the creation of a design board after learning from our clients what their vision and needs are for the evening. Once you can imagine the “feel” of the event, other decisions are built towards supporting that story incorporating guest experience opportunities, sponsorship recognition, the critical path and event script.