25th Anniversary Oktoberfest Celebration

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img_3404Nothing says fall celebration more than Oktoberfest so we were excited to design an upscale 25th Anniversary corporate celebration with all of the gorgeous Bavarian details these events are known for.  The event venue was a large 100×40 ft tent where guests would enjoy a fabulous catered German tidbits (including desserts!), imported beers, music and great company at long family style tables.  Anyone who has ever been to an Oktoberfest celebration knows that the ceiling is always awash in banners, flags, streamers and hops wreaths.

img_3424In order to ensure the ceiling decor would be the appropriate scale for such a large tent, we custom created 4ft hops wreaths wrapped in Bavarian diamond ribbon to be hung around each pole of the tent to anchor the ceiling decor.  Pennant flags, streamers and pole wraps filled the length and width of the ceiling from end to end in the tent for an authentic feel to the venue.

img_3423img_3408Around the perimeter walls and entrances to the tent we hung flags to add colour to the white walls of the tent and welcome guests as they arrived.  A blue tent accented with flags and flowers provided a visual landmark of the tent entrance for guests and was dressed with a custom Wilkommen banner to complete the look.

As guests entered the tent a welcome table dressed in accenting yellow gold taffeta linen invited them to take a hat and was also dressed with guest gifts from the hosts.  The clients had kegs and kegs of unique beers for guests to enjoy as well as custom logo beer steins for guests to enjoy them in.  Bavarian diamond linens dressed long rows of tables that were accented with custom beer bottle vases filled with fresh golden sunflowers and raffia accents.  Dotting the guest tables were German selfie sticks for guests to take some memorable photos throughout the evening as well as a social media table card encouraging guests to use a special hashtag for the evening so that everyone could enjoy the photos after the event.

img_3432Pub tables around the dance floor were dressed in accent golden yellow taffetta linens tied with Bavarian diamond ribbon – a great place for guests to rest their drinks while they visited and danced throughout the evening.  Burlap, wood and raffia accents added a grounding touch to the decor accents ensuring the design had a friendly, personal feel for the clients and their guests.

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