Mix and mingle with cocktail tables

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Cocktail tables are an often overlooked way to set the tone for almost any celebration. These smaller tables come in two heights – “high-top” tables which are perfect for standing guests to lean on, set their drinks on or enjoy their appetizers or “low-top” tables which offer seating for 2-4 guests. 

Pre or Post Events: Cocktail tables are lightweight, portable and perfect for pre-events such as a cocktail hour at a wedding reception or post events that include networking or casual gatherings where guests can mix and mingle.

Weddings: Cocktail tables can be used at the ceremony as your welcome table or signing table and are the perfect height for sand or candle ceremonies. Dressed in coordinating linens, florals or greenery they can be customized to accent any wedding design. Low-top tables are also the ideal height to be used as your cake table!

Indoor/Outdoor: Whether you are celebrating indoors or out, cocktail tables are ideal for providing dimension to your party, wedding or celebration and if you are welcoming guests who aren’t able to stand throughout, it’s an appreciated addition to offer small seating arrangements so that everyone can celebrate in comfort.

Styling: Easily styled for any celebration with our line of rental linens and centerpieces, cocktail tables are a great opportunity to get creative and offer an accent colour, pattern or both to your design!