Fall…in love

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IMG_2424Fall in our region has been in full swing inviting brilliantly colored leaves and a pleasant chill in the air- the perfect setting for an autumn wedding.  While the weather of the season can be unpredictable, there’s no reason that the rich colours of the harvest cannot be brought indoors to dress your special celebration.

Paired with a soft backdrop of champagne and gauzy white fabrics, the burnt umber, cadmium orange and oak buff shades of the season become the stars of the decor.

To evoke a rustic and down to earth feel, natural and earthy details are key. Vows were exchanged under a rustic wood arbor with romantic puddles of fabric around the bases that were topped with fresh pumpkins, pine cones, leaf scatters and delicate soft white lights.

IMG_2429The design weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold colour statements around the legs of the arbor to reflect a landscape of hope and all things natural. The colours are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless naturally inspired warmth.

IMG_2342Guest tables were centered with candlelit lanterns on a bed of fall leaves with scatters of natural pine cones and Putka pods. The soft glow from the centrepieces created a romantic, warm glow at guest tables throughout the reception.

The fireplace in the venue was a perfect opportunity to bring in the warm family feeling to the season and was dressed in complementary elements from the ceremony space.

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